Chiropractic Care

Tailor-Made to Your Needs

Chiropractors are healthcare practitioners that specialize in the health and function of the spine and nervous system.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or headaches, or want to optimize your health and wellbeing, we can help! Chiropractic is all about helping people feel great and get the most out of life by functioning at their optimal potential.

The spine is made up of the vertebrae, joints, and discs, and its job is to protect the spinal cord which is part of the central nervous

system. If the skull is like a helmet for the brain, then the spine acts like a flexible suit of armour around the spinal cord.

Messages travel from around the body, up the spinal cord, and into the brain.

The brain processes those messages and sends replies back down the spinal cord telling the body how to respond.

The Central Nervous System is one big information superhighway, carrying vital messages to every part of your body 

What a Family
Chiropractor Can Do

Sometimes the wear and tear of everyday life causes a change in the normal movement of the vertebrae and joints. The small muscles close to the spine and skull can’t stabilize the spine and this causes dysfunction.

This dysfunction can happen suddenly because of car accidents, falls, or sports injuries, or more gradually over time from stress such as bad posture and repetitive strains.

Because of the close relationship between the spine and nervous system, everyday strains can actually impact the communication between the brain and the body. Messages may not be delivered to the brain, or they may be inaccurate. When that miscommunication occurs due to abnormal movement in the spine, chiropractors call that a vertebral subluxation or a chiropractic subluxation.

Chiropractors use fast, specific, gentle adjustments to the spine, to restore your body’s natural movement, the function of your nervous system and the brain-body connection.

If your body is like a car, the nervous system is your engine. Your family chiropractor is like the highly trained mechanic, tuning the spine and central nervous system, so that your body can run like a high performance vehicle.

Chiropractors are highly trained in assessing the function of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. A chiropractor who is focused on your nervous system is looking beyond the symptom of pain and examining your entire system in depth. Pain is often a signal or an alert that something is wrong in your overall nervous system.

They are looking for the root cause of dysfunction and are concerned with restoring function to the body via restoring the brain and body’s communication pathways.

Since everything in the body is controlled by the brain, proper communication via the nervous system is essential!

Why Choose Strawberries and Sunshine for Your Chiropractic Needs?

We focus on the whole person and not just the part that hurts. We take the time to listen to you, assess your health needs and come up with a plan that works for you and your family. We use a patient-focused, evidence-informed practice approach. That means we use the best of current research and academic knowledge, combined with 20+ years of our expertise and clinical experience, together with your experience and values about health to figure out what is going to help you live your best life.

We promote true healing and compassionate help to get there. The chiropractors at Strawberries and Sunshine see newborns, pregnant moms, dads, adults, and seniors in the Port Coquitlam and Tri-cities areas. Our youngest patients are a couple of hours old and the oldest is currently 94!

Gentle Care

Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable with the care they receive at Strawberries and Sunshine. Some patients see all of our chiropractors and some prefer to stick to just one. We don’t mind at all, as long as you are taken care of.

We use effective techniques for gentle, safe structural correction such as manual, drop table, and instrument adjusting. We will talk you through everything we are going to do and if you aren’t comfortable with something we will find a different way to achieve results.

Sometimes when you are adjusted manually, you may hear a popping sound, that can seem a bit strange. It is completely harmless. It is just the release of gas from between your spinal segments and it is no more significant than any other release of gas from your body.

The types of adjustments we use depends on our assessment, the age of a person, and their comfort level. We take the utmost care to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our patients. We work continuously to ensure you always look forward to coming in.

If you’re ready to set off on the road to recovery, as well as overall physical health and wellness, look no further than Strawberries and Sunshine Wellness Collective.