Nutritionist for

and Lifestyles of All Kinds

At Strawberries and Sunshine we focus on the whole person and not just the parts that hurt or the symptoms. We help people build a healthy foundation for body and mind, and nutrition is an essential part of that foundation.

Food is medicine, and our Registered Holistic Nutritionist can be an important part of your health team and help you and your family learn about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition.

Nutrition has a significant impact on a wide range of health disorders and some streams of health care are only just beginning to catch up. While most of us know the benefits of sound nutrition, there is a ton of conflicting information out there. Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist will help guide you and your family through the maze of information, in an evidence informed way. They will work with the rest of your health team to identify and then help correct the nutritional causes of disease, and design personalized dietary and lifestyle programs that optimize your health.

For example, our registered holistic nutritionist can help with:

What Holistic Nutrition Looks Like

Dieticians study a 4 year degree program and are covered under most people’s insurance plans. Since Dietetics is a regulated profession in British Columbia regulated by the College of Dietitians of BC and the Health Practitioners Act, there are more strict guidelines in terms of what they can and can’t advise. They tend to be restricted to advice following the Canada Food Guide and specific symptom/condition based approaches to nutrition such as those seen in hospitals and the food industry.

A registered holistic nutritionist is a practitioner who has studied nutrition at an accredited private school, with more focus on natural health, similarly to a Naturopathic Doctor.


At the initial intake we will:

Go over your goals and needs

Examine your current food selection, preparation and intake

Take a look at your current lifestyle and overall feelings of wellbeing

Go over current medications and supplements

Identify nutritional imbalances and see if referrals are necessary to other healthcare professionals for testing

At the follow-up visit we work together to come up with the easiest way to replace foods that need to be, with better options, that can be easily enjoyed by the WHOLE family. Part of our registered holistic nutritionist’s job is not just telling you what to eat, or not eat, but also helping you find practical ways to implement changes so that change can be sustainable. We also provide specific information to make these changes as easy as possible—specific brands and recipes you can use to save your time reading labels and looking up recipes.

Some people like to change everything at once, and other families need to take it one step at a time. We understand it’s not easy to change. As families we don’t always have the energy or time to overhaul your family’s diet and lifestyle.

Extreme diets and changes are often not sustainable. So we work together, one step at a time, wherever you and your family are at. It’s about progress, not perfection, and health is a journey.

Come Visit Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Whether you have a specific condition you want support with or tips to help the whole family be healthier, we are here to support you. Babies with failure to thrive, picky eating toddlers, children with Neurodevelopmental challenges like adhd, teens needing support with healthy habits, adults managing sleep, blood sugar and energy levels…food is medicine and we can help you build a healthy foundation.


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