Family Counselling

For All Stages of Wellness

For over 12 years, the team at Strawberries and Sunshine has been helping families achieve holistic wellness.

Our centre was created as a collaborative family that supports other families—moms, dads, and children—who need support and solutions to optimize the whole family’s health. 

Our health is the sum total of our physical, emotional, and mental well-being and we believe that mental health plays a crucial part in our overall wellness.

Our counselling team, located at our centre in Port Coquitlam, can help you and your loved ones find the tools you need to create wholeness and facilitate personal growth and healing.

What is counselling?

Families and individuals often come to counselling because they are struggling with coping or with conflict, or because they want something in their lives to be different. You may want to address a specific concern, make a decision, or gain a better understanding of yourself, your partner, or your child. Your counsellor will listen carefully and non-judgmentally to understand your world. They look for patterns in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and work with you to formulate strategies to enhance your life, help deal with the stressors, and ask questions to stimulate thinking.

Counselling is a collaborative process in which you develop a relationship with a trained professional to examine thoughts and patterns that may not be working in your life. You can also examine how to tap into existing resources and develop new ones to improve relationships and your life.

About our unique counselling approach

Whether it’s for individuals (adults, children, youth or teens), couples, families, or parenting, our team
of counsellors provide safe, compassionate, trauma-informed care.

When you contact our office, our reception team will help you book an initial complementary 15-minute session with a counsellor to help you find the counsellor that best fits your needs. During this session either in person or online, you will have a brief opportunity to discuss what has brought you to counselling and what your hopes and goals are for the process. The counsellor will go over the modalities and types of techniques they use and guide you through our informed consent and intake paperwork. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have. If you wish to continue with this counsellor, you will book your first session together at this time.

When is counselling useful?

Counselling can be used in times of difficulty and stress, and also as a tool for personal growth and development. Whenever you feel like you could benefit from some outside support in some way, it is helpful to work with a counsellor.

Our holistic counselling approach can help you begin to regain a balance of body, mind, and emotions, caring for yourself with compassion and building your capacity to positively cope with anxiety and stress.

Common reasons people seek counselling include:

Counselling for children of all ages

Children experience stress and trauma too. They are constantly experiencing change and life transitions all while having to navigate their changing world. Growth and change can often be the hardest on our little ones.

This is even more challenging in our current anxiety-provoking, technological, and achievement-focused world.

Counselling can help children and youth adapt to these changes without adding more stress to their lives. At Strawberries and Sunshine, we use the framework of art and play therapy (link to service page when available) to meet children where they are at. We give children natural, comforting, and easily recognizable ways for them to express themselves. If your child is struggling to cope, counselling and play therapy can help build resilience, offer positive coping strategies and an outlet to explore their changing world in a space free of judgment.

Our counsellors allow children to explore and integrate their body sensations, emotions, and thoughts, in a safe and comfortable manner. We connect in a way that feels authentic and meaningful for them. Counselling supports children to develop emotional regulation, learn skills to better manage the challenges they face, and build on their strengths and resources.

For children under 12 check out our:

Through a holistic approach of caring for both the body and mind, our team at Strawberries and Sunshine supports families in building a foundation for true wellness.

For more information about family counselling and support services or anything else to do with our holistic approach, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!