Pregnancy & Post Partum

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At Strawberries and Sunshine, our love for all things pregnancy and birth related started with Dr. Nareeta and the birth of her twins. Her personal journey into motherhood was full of unexpected twists and turns.

Sometimes she felt supported in her health choices and other times was left feeling over-medicalized and disempowered by a system that seems to have forgotten that women have been giving birth for centuries.

“We have been convinced as a culture that we don’t know how to birth. It’s just not true.”

Aviva Romm, MD

Then when her son was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder, her own family’s personal healing journey guided her postgraduate studies. That path led Dr. Nareeta deep into the world of genetics, functional nutrition, and preconception planning.

Since then Strawberries and Sunshine has evolved into a multi-disciplinary wellness collective that focuses on neurodevelopment and overall family health and wellness. The goal is to support health and optimal well-being throughout life long before conception, to work on preventing disease in the unborn child, and to support optimal neurodevelopment from the beginning.

Our health is a result of our environment and how we adapt to stressors: chemical, physical, emotional, and how those stressors interact with our genes. Some genes can be turned on or off and influenced by the health choices we make. 

The birth of a parent starts long before a child is even conceived. The genetic imprint and knowledge of our ancestors waits deep in our cells along with all our dreams, experiences, and learnings of what pregnancy, birth, and family life means to us.

Like everything else at Strawberries and Sunshine, we take a holistic approach to conception, pregnancy, birth, and the post-partum period. We will meet you wherever you are, to support you on this amazing and very personal journey.

Whether you are at the very beginning or further along the path, we are here to support you with education, health modalities, and support for body, mind, and spirit. You can pick and choose services as needed or let us put together a comprehensive support team to help you create the external environment and the internal oasis needed to create optimal well-being for all. It really does take a village, so let us help you build the community and resources that you need.