Neurodevelopmental Conditions

& Support for Children

Did you know? The developing brain grows at an amazing rate, at times adding more than 250,000 neurons every minute! The brain also develops in sequence, from back to front, inside to outside, and right to left. 

Brain development starts about 2 weeks after conception and continues into young adulthood. From birth until about 3 years of age, there is a huge number of connections formed between the brain cells. At the same time, our brain starts to “prune” back extra cells. This process depends on experience, basically “use it or lose it”. This concept is known as Neuroplasticity. 

Neural Pathways must be stimulated or exercised or they will weaken or be lost. Our brain also starts to process sensory input which is information from external and internal environments. 

Our sensory experiences cause changes in our brain’s structure and function. Then we start moving, and motor development starts to happen. All these things we are learning cause changes in our brain structure and function! 

These changes occur from childhood to adolescence. This is what we call Neurodevelopment. How we express our neurology and our neuro-expression is reflected in our behavior. 

What does all that mean?

There are things we can do to help our children have optimal neurodevelopment. At Strawberries and Sunshine, we can help in several ways:

  1. Preconception care – by minimizing chemical, physical and emotional stress, the goal is to lay a healthy foundation from the beginning to prevent future challenges. 
  2. Pregnancy, postpartum, infant, and toddler programs – through a variety of services, we can help promote optimum neurodevelopment.
  3. Ongoing support through childhood and adolescence – to support a life of well-being for all. 

Neurodiversity support

Differences in thinking, learning, and behaving are not deficits or things to be fixed. At Strawberries and Sunshine, we subscribe to the belief that there is no “right” way to express ourselves. The word Neurodiversity encompasses neurological or developmental conditions and labels such as ASD, ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder, and gifted learners. 

There can be physical and mental health challenges that come with neurodevelopmental differences. At Strawberries and Sunshine, while we do not diagnose or treat neurodevelopmental conditions, we are able to provide services to support communication, academic, and social skills in a sensitive and empowering way. Neurodevelopmental disorders are often accompanied by other challenges such as gut health, sensory issues, mental health, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and autonomic nervous system dysregulation. 

By tailoring a health plan that meets your goals and needs, we can help you feel more comfortable in your body, maximize your quality of life, and help create optimal health.

Is your child neurodiverse? Call Strawberries and Sunshine today and book a 15-min complimentary consultation to learn more on how we can help you and your family.